‘Waiting for the storm – again!


I remember last year, in October, that the suspense of waiting for Hurricane Matthew was creepy.  Here we go again, and…it’s still creepy!


A creepy but very still sky… You can see piles of gravel where a good portion of the driveway will soon be paved! But I don’t know what the piles will look like by Saturday, after high winds!


It is actually very quiet here, as the students have not returned yet.  I expect that they will be OK, although there may be some flooding in the streets.  The hurricane’s center will almost certainly pass to the north of Haiti altogether, praise the Lord!  The north coast is very vulnerable, but may not have to deal with the worst of it.  Here at FSRL on the FSIL campus we are probably in the safest place in Haiti!  The buildings are sturdy (having weathered the earthquake and Hurricane Matthew without damage) and the dean of nursing is very prudent.   The hallways are empty of chairs and benches that might fly around, with wind coming through the open-air court-yards.  Those of you have visited will see how bare it all looks!



All the solar panels are down off the roof and stacked indoors, and windows are mostly taped or boarded up.


The fourth-year men who have stayed on in order to finish clinical education before their graduation are still up working on the roofs, even tho. the panels have been removed, to clear gutters for rain drainage and to make sure no metal bits will become projectiles when the wind starts.



I hope that you and your families will also be prudent, and safe, as this hurricane travels northwards! May it Run Out Of Steam before it gets that far!


God’s peace,




4 thoughts on “‘Waiting for the storm – again!

    • Thank you so much, Claudia! We ARE safe, praise the Lord! What a relief! Now I am thinking of you and your husband. I’m glad you’ll be waiting out the storm away from Florida, far to the north, in Alexandria Va!


  1. Jeanne Smith says:

    It’s comforting to actually see the preparations….seems everything that could have been done was done! Thanks for the update. ❤


  2. We have all made it through, unscathed, even the north coast! The hurricane shifted out to sea and passed by. What a relief.
    Now the FSIL work crew has the tedious job of lifting and re-connecting all those panels (I counted – it’s over 230 of them!) But at least that job is being done with the comforts of electricity, clean water, flush toilets, and food!
    Thank you all for your concern!

    P.S. There’s a photo of a heavily flooded Haitian village that was taken in 2007 after a devastating hurricane but now is being circulated by someone, who knows who, as a result of Hurricane Irma. It’s not.


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