Going on, or going back? Part One

The relief of having the hurricane behind us is a wonderful thing.  Now we can pay attention to what is really important:  the students, and the opening of the school year!

Second and third-year students will return on Monday.  We have some advancements, due to the acceptance of transfer credits from a variety of situations.

For instance, we now have nine third-years, due to graduate in Dec. of 2019.  The five original students are now nine, due to the advancement of four rehabilitation technicians who graduated from the Loma Linda University program in 2016.  Seven of them are students of Physiotherapy, and two are OT or ergotherapy students.  They will be the first members of that profession, OT, to graduate in Haiti!



The second-year class lost some members (due to advancement, see above) but also gained a new member who is already a nurse, from the U. of Notre Dame nursing program.  The class now has five members, all of whom have declared for PT.  Only four are in this photo, from July.

rising soph-class 2020-July 2017-cropped

The first-year class is not yet filled.  The system for admission of new students is different from ours.  Applicants take entrance exams in September (while the second to fourth year students are already in classes) and those who are successful enter in October for the first time.

But we already know five of our students, because they came last year to apply.  They were successful in their exams, but could not start without financial aid.  They were given a delayed admission, and were placed at the top of the waiting list for aid.  They are good students, and eager to begin! Sainfolia, Clinetana, James, Abigail, Stephanie July 2017


We only have room for ten students in the entering class, meaning five open places.  And we have 18 applicants for those places!  Eventually we hope to have more room, as we expand, so that we can take a larger class.

So, they all look GREAT!  These photos are from a celebration in July, at the end of the last school year: a “moving-up” ceremony!  Clearly, we are growing!IMG_4216


And that prompts various reflections.  For the next blog entry!

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