Out of danger – into the new school year at last!

chickens after IrmaAs I hope you know by now, Haiti was spared!  The storm passed about 100 miles out to sea, north of even the farthest north coast.  People are pinching themselves and going out into the sunshine happily.

It looks like the next in line, Hurricane José, will miss us too, AND, happily, will miss Florida!  I dearly hope so.  It may hit the small island nations that are to the northeast again, sadly, as they try to figure out how to rebuild, and where.

We are temporarily short on power because ALL those heavy solar panels now need to be lifted back up to the roof and re-connected.  I have more to write about, concerning the remarkable new year that will begin officially on Monday, and I have photos, but for the time being I’m going to stop writing and POST!

Love to you all, and be safe too!



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