A surprise, a TREAT!

Ha ha!  I am still chuckling about a nice surprise that I will get to participate in on Easter Sunday.   I think it will start at about 6 pm on Sunday evening.


rara in the daytime



rara in the night-time

I was just explaining in this blog the phenomenon of rara music, which sounds like tuba bands or brass bands, New Orleans-style.  Yesterday, for the first time, I found out I’ll have an opportunity to be in the middle of a day of rara, without any danger at all.

The nursing students here at FSIL offered a first-aid stand right downtown last year, near the bleachers built for the audience for the biggest rara parade of all, on Easter Sunday.      The FSRL students and I have been invited to participate, offering our therapy know-how to wrap a twisted ankle, for instance.  I hope we can find a source for ice and Baggies!

Most of the students have already gone home for the holidays, so some of them are quite far away – Port a Piment to the west, and Croix de Bouquets to the east- and will not be able to participate.  The two who live in Léogâne will probably come though.

So the reason I’m chuckling is that at lunch with the staff today, there was a lot of eyebrow-raising and laughing about the day we will have together out at the rara parades.  It reminded me of the kind of giggling you might hear when you and your nurse friends are going out to do first aid for a Harley-Davidson rally.  These guys putting on the rara are kind of “bad boys”, but the nurses are prepared to provide first aid no matter what. They predict that people drinking clairin, un-aged rum, for hours in the heat could cause some emergency needs .  That, and swollen lips from hours of playing the horn. (I realize that that the drinking part is way DIFFERENT from the Harley-Davidson rally, where in fact the motorcycle drivers are responsible about drinking!  But some of them do lean too much on the horn.)

I am glad to be able to see and hear these parades.  I may not be able to take photos, but here already are two photos from the internet so you can get an idea.  And you can find YouTube videos of rara, to be able to hear the sound!

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