New students begin on October 5th 2018

The new students are here!  Even though classes have been in session since the beginning of September for the second, third, and fourth years, the students of the first year just arrived, on the 5th of October.

We have 14 students, and all have good reasons for coming.  For instance, one is already a rehabilitation technician, one has a brother in the US who is an occupational therapist,  and one is the daughter of a rehab technician from St. Vincent’s whom we knew years ago.  Altogether there are five students with sponsors from the US, and the others have support from their families.   This is a strong group!  The photo shows the brief ceremony of signing in, in the official FSRL book. 1ere Annee 2018 (1er jour)


We welcome them into the first year.  During the coming year they will take most of their classes with the Nursing students of FSIL.

Meanwhile, during that same Friday when the first years signed in, the rest of the FSRL students celebrated the third birthday of FSRL!  The FSRL birthday party is to celebrate  the 5th of October in 2015 , when the first students began their studies.  Those students are now in the fourth year, and planning to graduate in Dec. of 2019.

The celebration started wtih a prayer service in the auditorium.  The students then spent the morning working hard to prepare and serve a big lunch to the whole school.  And after lunch the students of FSRL went to the beach!  At La Galant, in Grand Gôave, we swam and danced and ate lots of cake.  It is wonderful to have three years of history  to celebrate, by now !  And we are finally a full university program, with all four years of classes present.  Hallelujah!


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