HEART-FELT THANKS at the turning of the year!


  • For a long vacation (all the twelve days of Christmas!) from any kind of work: time away, with Donnel, our kids Aidan and Chase, and the wonderful and wholesome companions of our kids and THEIR families. Life goes on!
  • For the spectacular vistas of coastal California, where we visited Aidan and Chase. How do those mountainsides and oceans stay so open and wild?  Raptors soar over crashing waves, as we hike up higher and higher.  The air is fresh and new.
lexi photographer-jan.2019
Lexi taking pictures by the California sea
  • For the deep sweetness of the connections with our Haitian friends.  By the magic of internet we have received lovable little videos, WhatsApp messages, blessings flying across the miles.  Love is in the air!


  • For YOU, the larger community of watchers and helpers, in the US, Canada, and Haiti: workers in the field of bringing rehabilitation education to Haiti.
    judith, gigi carnes-guest house
    Judith Straub, clinical social worker, and Medgine Carnes, OT, have both taught at FSRl this fall (2018).

    Who is it that said that the meaning of vocation is finding where the world’s deep need meets your own highest joy?  I think that is an ideal, as most of the time we have to compromise on that, but some sense of vocation can fit inside all kinds of lives.  And if you have found, as have I, that there is a high joy in this kind of work, with the possibility of freeing up those who, because of disability, are trapped in bad situations where help is scarce, then you have that vocation too.

  • What I pray in the new year is what I prayed in the old year. Thanks, heart-felt thanks.

In my litany of thanks, I want to take a moment to recognize Miselene Lafleur.  Miss Lafleur is a licensed nurse.  She graduated from FSIL, and was the valedictorian of her graduating class, in 2016.  Mme Alcindor referred me to her as a candidate for first administrative assistant of FSRL.  That was a good referral !  Miss Lafleur has a quick mind, an excellent memory, knowledge about medicine, insider knowledge about FSIL that helps us know how to work together, good leadership skills, lots of patience, and a strong ethic of service to her fellow human. Miss Lafleur knows everything about how FSRL functions.  She has now taken on the role of Administrator.  Miss Lafleur is applying to the U. of Laval, Quebec, for an online MBA program: she will do well in that program, I’m sure!

lafleur et jof at desk

And, my other prayer in the old year and the new is, “May there be enough”.

Enough of what?

Enough resources:

  • enough money to pay the bills
  • enough faculty to share syllabi and lectures for our courses
  • enough instructors and professors to come in person to teach
  • enough Haitian PTs, psychologists, and orthotist/prosthetists to teach the classes that need local
  • enough good will of FSIL which is our generous host
  • enough good will of UNEPH which is our accrediting university
  • enough good will of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, which is our undergirding support and our permission to even be in this role in Haiti
  • enough vision and provision by the Societé Haitienne de Physiothérapie (SHP) to continue to include FSRL in the planning for professional recognition for PTs and OTs (Thank you, SHP!)
  • enough attention and persistence by the already busy OTs of the Association Haitienne d’Ergothérapeutes (AHE/HAOT) to continue to do our important work of developing knowledge of OT in Haiti (Thank you, AHE!)
  • enough vision and provision by the Ministére de Santé Publique et Populations (MSPP) to give a path for graduates of FSRL and UNIFA to achieve professional status
  • enough patience and health among the more than a million people with disabilities who need therapists to come and help their situation
  • enough time and mental effort, that is, sustained attention, by the dean of FSRL, me, to continue to keep track of all the threads of this work OR
  • since the complexity of this project is beginning to be overwhelming, may the new year bring enough help to pick up some of the threads and carry them forward!



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