FSRL, better-than-ever! (We have a clinic!)

The next-to-last post was sort of a cliff-hanger: when will FSRL get back to normal?  The answer is that we are back in business, even though with some changes.  I got back to my desk in Leogane on March 17 or 18, and we did have visiting faculty (including two Haitian faculty) to keep classes going until the end of March.

In the first week of April the students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year left campus to go on clinicals.   The clinicals  were supposed to be in summertime, but we have exchanged the seasons: classes will be in the summer instead.

I want to thank the wonderful supervisors who agreed to take our students back, some of them within a couple weeks of the end of the last clinical placement!

  • Dr Rhonda Nisbett, PT, of My Life Speaks, Neply
  • Mme Ashley Kahila, OT, of Respiré, Gressier
  • Mme Consuelo Alzamora Bien-Aimé, OT, of Fondation Tous Ensemble, Les Cayes
  • Mme Ulrike Schaller, PT, of Centre de Réhabilitation, Port a Piment
  • Mme Naika Paul, PT, of Clinique St Esprit, Croix de Bouquets
  • Mr Anani, PT, of Healing Hands for Haiti, Bourdon
  • Mme Julie Van Hulse, PT, of Medecins Sans Frontières, Drouillard
  • Dr Irma Henry, PT, of Hôpital Adventiste

I also want to thank the fourth-year students for their work this month getting our NEW CLINIC at Hôpital Ste Croix open for the first time!  They have cleaned it, bought paint and rollers, commissioned a welder to make parallel bars, scouted out mats and loaned their own mat tables, all necessary to have the basics ready to receive patients, probably in April!

The name will be Centre Tèt Ansanm: Heads Together, as in, Let’s put our heads together about that!”  Actually the full name will be something like


and on the sign it will give credit to  FSRL and UNEPH.  This is a wonderful, excellent ,exciting new development, thoroughly welcomed by the medical director and the nursing director of the hospital: Dr Alexy and Mme Germain.

New clinic-parallel bars-2019-04-18
Setting up Clinic Tèt Ansanm! New parallel bars that the students commissioned from the welder on the corner of Rte de Belval, made after studying the photo in the catalog!

Special congratulations to Emerson Barthelemy, Nicholson François, Amendocia Dorcé, Ramona Adrien, and Roosvelt Pierre Louis, fourth-years who have been scrubbing and walking and carrying heavy things this past week!

New clinic-unpacking barrel-2019-04-18
Emerson opening a barrel sent to us last year by OTs Caroline Larson and Judy Criscitiello, of St. Pault’s Church, Bedford, Mass!

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