Thirty-six courses done and graded, Hurray!

Phew!  We have JUST completed the grading for the 36 courses that our students completed between Sept. 1 2018 and Aug. 9 2019.  This is the first year that we’ve had all four cohorts in place, 1st year through 4th, and it looked pretty daunting, that’s for sure.  Here’s why there were “only” thirty-six:   the freshmen took all but one course with the nursing school, and the fourth-years, due to the unexpected wave of temporary cancellations by universities in February, still have four more courses to complete before they graduate in December.  AND, in some cases we had two cohorts taking a course at the same time.

LIST OF COURSES TAKEN IN 2018-2019:      Would you like to see the list?  Here they are, not in any special order!

Wound Care; OT Adult Treatment; Acute Care & Cardiopulmonary; Professional Issues in Haiti; Assistive Technology & Environmental Adaptations; Differential Diagnosis; Leadership & Entrepreneurship; Neuroanatomy; Imaging; Pathophysiology II, Developmental Psychology; Musculoskeletal Conditions 2; Advanced Manual Therapy; Normal & Abnormal Gait; Intro to the Rehab Professions; Health & Wellness; Nutrition for Rehab; Pharmacology for Rehab; Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Disabilities; Geriatrics; Adaptive Equipment; Musculoskeletal Conditions 1A, Musculoskeletal Conditions 1B; Psychosocial Conditions; Physiology of Human Performance; Kinesiology & Biomechanics; OT Foundations & Applications; OT & Mental Health; Functional Neurology; Team & Patient Communication; Basic Therapy Skills; Orthotics & Prosthetics; Anatomy II Musculoskeletal; and Logical Thinking & Clinical Decision-Making. 

CLASS OF 2019:       To finish out the year, the class of 2019 still needs to take Research Methods & Memoire (“memoire” meaning Capstone project); Justice, Ethics, & Disability; Advanced Clinical Decision Making with Competency Exams; and even Pediatrics!  (Peds will be taken earlier in the program for the subsequent groups: but for this first group it is still ahead.)

Then they will defend their Capstone projects, at a public jury, on Dec. 4 and 5; and, God Willing, Graduate on December 15!

We have had MANY changes this year that put these courses at risk including demonstrations in Feb. that caused re-scheduling (so that the students went out again to clinical ed rather than taking academic courses, for the time being), a hectic move to a new building, the disappointment of having to discontinue the dorm due to lack of space, BUT, Grace à Dieu, all of the classes have gone on as planned.

Our students are strong and focused.

Our faculty, from the USA, Quebec, and Chile,  are dedicated and flexible.

Our clinical supervisors are REALLY super!  They took our students back without complaint, and allowed us time to re-group to re-schedule the classes so no time was lost.

Our administrative staff is mighty in energy and purpose.

AND, the Board of Directors and the Academic Committee of the Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation are faithful and constant in their encouragement & support.

I am personally grateful to all of the FSRL and HRF community.  Congratulations for a “heavy lift”, well performed!!

First year std make cardboard furniture w JOF
first year students, and friends, making cardboard furniture in courtyard
OT Karly & Clinetana-self-feeding p CVA
OT students practicing self-feeding after stroke
MSK 2 paints Peter Son!
PT students painting the brachial plexus on a brave classmate

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    • Thank you so much, Sue Bingham! YOU are one of the champions, one of our precious Monthly Supporters! We need to think of a good name for this powerhouse of support: Angels? Construction Team? Open to suggestions! Dean Janet ________________________________


  1. Your smile! Always your smile, optimism, dedication, hard work…and always that smile. I love you and am so, so honored to be your friend. You are one of those rare individuals who truly inspire everyone who knows you, works with you, or learns from you.


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