Presenting our new academic staff!

I am happy to say that we have four new positions for teaching staff, and three have been filled!  I would like to introduce our new Vice-Dean, Mme Cécile Auguste; our new  Coordinator of  Academic Affairs, Mr Jorel Simplice; and our new Clinical Coordinator, Mr Norman Villagra!
Cecile Auguste at SoHaPh conference
Mme Cécile Auguste, Vice-Dean of FSRL, presents a talk on Physiotherapy and Chronic Pain, for the PT association of Haiti in September.

Mme Cécile Auguste is uniquely qualified for leadership in FSRL.  After high school she entered a competition for a complete scholarship offered by the government of Taiwan, for students willing to study at the university level, in Mandarin Chinese!  She scored second highest on the exam and was accepted for a year’s study of Chinese, plus four years of Physiotherapy, and then after that she stayed on to earn her MBA.  Once back in Haiti, she was the coordinator of the other PT program in Haiti, UNIFA (the University of the Foundation of Dr Aristide).  Mme Cecile is married, with two young children. She has a love of the profession of PT and a love of university teaching: a perfect combination for us!  She is currently teaching Kinesiology and Biomechaniques to the second years.

photo-Jorel Simplice-Oct 2019
Mr Jorel Simplice, Coordinator of Academic Affairs

Mr Jorel Simplice is also uniquely qualified to be the Coordinator of Academic Affairs at FSRL.  He is from Léogâne.  He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Education at UNEPH, our parent university.  He continued to earn his Master’s degree in Education at Quisqueya University, in a joint program with the University of Paris-East.  He consults with the Ministry of Education on ensuring the quality of education for K-12 schools in the provinces.  His passion is teaching teachers. Once we have new graduates in the field he has agreed to provide a training course for them on how to become therapy educators themselves.   He is currently teaching Research Methods for the fourth year students, and is accompanying the fifth-years, who are soon to graduate, in their research projects.

Norman Villagra, Micza Louis
Mr Norman Villagra, PT and Clinical Coordinator, with graduating student Micza Louis.

Mr Norman Villagra, physiotherapist, is also uniquely qualified for his new post as Clincal Coordinator.  He is Chilean, and he came to Haiti as a volunteer with the America Solidaria program.  He  spent about a year and a half working in Les Cayes, Haiti, at Consuelo Alzamora’s  clinic, Fondation Tous Ensemble.  During that time he became fluent in Haitian Creole.  Norman is shown here with our graduating student, Micza Louis.  His work is multi-faceted: he supervises the OT and PT students at our own clinic, Centre Universitaire Tét Ansanm, at Hopital Ste Croix; he teaches PT classes (most recently Pediatrics); and he is now arranging the clinical placements for all our students, to begin in February or March.  (The plan to begin in January has been delayed.)

We are truly excited by the power of these new staff members.  We now lack only the OT Program Coordinator.  For the time being I am filling that role, as I am an OT.  But the brilliantly appropriate OT who will step into the fourth space is just around the corner, I am sure!



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  1. Wow what fabulous news. Such qualified people and what a time of great need in Haiti for professionals to be recruited and engaged in your important work. Thanks for the story. Susan Nelson

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